White Dove

When we first made this image, we both saw a tree, and for months – as we looked at it on a wall everyday – we referred to it as “The Tree”.

As we write – putting together the last touches before publishing the website – a new invasion of an independent people has been initiated, this time by Putin’s Russia first threatening and then invading Ukraine. Most news about it adds to the sense of horror – as if there weren’t enough ongoing atrocities already being committed against nations, not to mention climate chaos. But a few reports and analyses hold out hope – the resistance the Ukrainians are putting up, the protests by Russians against the invasion, the possibility of this weakening rather than strengthening an autocrat’s internal position, a growing solidarity in the opposition to Putin’s Russia and perhaps, just perhaps, a growing awareness that similar atrocities on a larger scale are being committed against non-European, non-white people of other religions.

That’s when we first saw the White Dove, signifying hope.

Sadly, we also know that diplomacy and sanctions will not work. There is no simple way of bringing a lasting and just peace to Ukraine. In addition, Putin has threatened the use of nuclear weapons.

That’s when we saw the mushroom cloud and the convection cells.

What, now, does the White Dove signify?