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To R, the straight lines running through the image appear to be solutions to a differential equation. There is a barely perceptible conic section tangent to all lines
singular solution
which represents a singular solution to the equation. (See also the notes on this topic by Alex Svirin.)

We spend a fair amount of time exploring variations in color. For most images, we’ve found that a black figure on a white background works best. However, each of the three images (this one and its triplets White on Black and other color on Black in color variation) says something new and calls our attention to a different visual aspect or region of the frame. (For example, there is a “crispness” to this image that the White on Black triplet doesn’t exhibit.
) Examples like this one encourage us to continue to explore color variations.

We’ll expound on this in a later blog post, and in the meantime we would love to hear your thoughts.